Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beuena Vista ferry. Back through Jefferson and Crabtree.

Another gorgeus autumn day. Temps in the 70's, lite wind. Did a loop aroud the refuge on Buena Vista Road, Ankeny Hill Road, Wintel Road, and Jorgonson Road. Then Talbot on in to Jefferson. Did not see much in the way of wildlife. Got some lunch in Jefferson and then took some roads I had not been on yet. Mostly followed this route, in reverse from Jefferson through Crabtree and back to Corvallis.


As I was approaching this I thought it was the biggest pumpkin patch in the world. Turned out to be squash, grown for seed I'm guessing. On the hill above Buena Vista.

The Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

The North Santiam River