Cove Palisades to Sisters

Monday, July 28, 2014
Soma Saga

Stage 3 of the Loop Tour. Hot day with a nice swimming hole mid way. Joined the Smith Rock - Sisters Scenic Bikeway for most of the ride..

Leaving the town of Culver, heading back the way we came in. Fortunately we found an alternate route which kept us off Highway 97. We paralleled 97 to the east and then crossed it one to a short bike path which led to the old bridge over the Crooked River Gorge. Having stopped here many years ago with my family it was great to be back on bike. We took the time for some portraits while on the bridge with the Three Sisters mountains in the background.

After the bridge and the small park we stopped at, we got spread out but then re-grouped at the swimming hole (no pictures). I left the swimming hole before the others and rode solo the rest of the way to Sisters. This was actually my favorite part of the ride. The country varied between farmland and woods and the mountains just kept getting closer. I passed a lovely organic farm called Rainshadow and talked to a few people who were stopped by the side of one of the fields. I didn't get any pictures of the farm. These next pictures were further up the road.

It was a hot day. As the route crossed the highway some people opted for the shorter straight shot into Sisters. I continued on the scenic route. I was getting low on water when I passed a fire station where the person on duty let me fill up. As I was approaching Sisters things started to become familiar to me as we visited my in-laws there many times.


Heading out on day 3.
Heading out for another beautiful day. This time we found a way to avoid Hwy. 97 altogether.


Over the Crooked River
We spent some time hanging out on the old bridge over the Crooked River. Left to right: Paula, Beth, me, Dan, and John. I guess Eilene took the picture.


Three Sisters Mountains
We had veiws of the Three Sisters Mountains all day.