Crescent Creek to Bend

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Long Haul Trucker

Day 4: 57 miles. Total: 235

Decided it was too cold for the Cascade Lakes. Headed back to hwy. 97 on the Crscent cutoff road. Saw this about 2 miles from Crescent.

Had a nice deli sandwich at Gilcrest and saved half of it for later. It was still very cold so I decided just to head for Bend and stay at a motel. The wind was mostly out of the west, sometimes at my back, sometimes at my face, but mostly from the side. Highway 97 has a pretty good shoulder the whole way. The best parts have a rumble strip and then a 4 foot lane to the right. I felt quite safe when it was like that.

I stopped along the way, when the sun was coming out, and setup the hammock between some pine tress a couple of hundred yards from the road. Had a nice nap but then it started getting cold and it was time to ride on.

Got to Bend about 6:30 and checked in to the Super 8. Had a great shower and went down the street for pizza a beer. Now doing laundry.


Crescent and Gilchrist
Now that's the kind of sign a bicycle tourist likes to see. This was at the start to a bike path that followed the highway into town. The highway was smoother though.