Day 1 Corvallis to Potlach SP

Saturday, July 11, 2015
Soma Saga

With a little  help from Amtrak. 

Day one started early for me. Up at 4 and out before 5 to catch the train in Albany. I got there early. Then a relaxing 4 hour train ride to Olympia. It was raining when I got there.. Surprise. I found shelter and got out my rain jacket. Turned in to one of those days where the rain, and the jacket, were on and off all day. And as it was too warm with it on I was just as wet either way.

A couple of really nice bike paths between Lacy and Olympia, then the city streets gave way to country roads, and finally the long slog on 101. Nice shoulder with a rumble strip and then 8-12 feet of bike lane. This lasted to Shelton but then deteriated from there.

I was the last one to arrive at camp so I guess my ride was a little longer or everyone else got started sooner. Campground was nice but the toilet was not.