Dayton Beaver 200k

Saturday, February 10, 2018
Craig, Susan

Took the Ravn on a 200k. The Compass RTP tires made it possible. A little slower than the Grando but more comfortable and much easier climbing. The low gears really came in handy on this ride. 

Started in Willamina with the temperature right around freezing. My fingers were killing me but Craig gave me some chemical hand warmers. It was bright and sunny when the sun came up but we rode under a cloud layer when we got out in the valley. It was still could and now gray at the first control in Dayton. 

We stopped again in Carlton. Craig had a loose fender and I needed coffee. The climb started almost right away after that. Meadow Lake road climbs over some big valley hills before it even starts into the Coast Range. Some sections were very steep. Susan rode off ahead but would catch up to Craig from time to time and made it to the top first. 

After another 20 or so miles of mostly downhill we made to Beaver where Susan was sitting in the sunshine for 40 minutes waiting. We stayed together mostly the rest of the way back. There was a lot of traffic on hwy 22 which was not much fun in the dark.