Falls City

Monday, January 19, 2015

Parked at Hemmick Park. Took Elkins to Smith Road (gravel) to Monmouth Hwy. Short stretch of pavement to Kings Valley Hwy. South about a mile to Gardener (gravel) which is directly opposite the end of Airlee Rd.  A few miles on Gardner then a few more on Frost into Falls City. Nice little town. Appears stable, not in decay.  Little Lukiamute Falls was amazing with the water very high from heavy rains.  Back on Bridgeport to Gardener to Airlee, and then Simpson (gravel). Less than 10 miles of pavement all in all.

It was quite foggy for a good part of the ride.  The Sun broke through while we were in Falls City but then we had more fog on the way back, before finally breaking into the sunshine.

The Grando (or maybe it should be gRando) handled wonderfully. A lot of the road was just a thin layer of mud, the kind that creates a lot of suck, but I had no problem just gliding over it on the gRando. I would definitely call the gRando an all road bike. So far the only time I found it outside its comfort zone was on downhill trails.