Flagler Beach to St. Augustine

Friday, March 4, 2016
Soma Saga

Day 15 - Stage 2 complete after 674 miles. 

It rained overnight but my bike and stuff were all under a shelter and my tent did fine. Sunny, bright, and windy in the morning, enough to dry the rain fly. Didn't hurry as it would be a shorter day. Headed out into a howling headwind, and just as soon as I got north of Flagler Beach it was cloudy and almost cold. So the miles where shorter but the wind made it a hard day none the less. A1A had a decent shoulder all the way to Saint Augustine.

The highlight of the trip was the bike path, and nice little bike shop, through Hammock. The trail wound back through some trees away from the road, and had picnic tables with shelters every few miles. The bike shop right on the trail was great. I stopped to lube my chain and got talking with John. I mentioned my front tire was looking a little worn and he sold me a decent looking Panaracer Tour 700x35 tire for $25. I'm carying it as a spare until I get around to changing it out.

Got to St. Augustine and went to Kalima's gift shop before finding my motel and getting a rental car. I'll stay here for 3 nights as I need to rest up before the final leg back to Fort Lauderdale.


Nice bike shop along the path
Nice bike shop along the path in Hammock, FL