Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Epic loop on a sunny first day of spring. First over Lewisberg Saddle to get the big climb in early, out Soap Creek and across to Buena Vista. Took the ferry across and followed th WVSB to Independence. After a quick snack I headed west to Monmouth and then continued west on Monmouth Hwy. Then inspiration struck and I turned off onto Fishback. Very steep climb for a couple of miles on pavement and then after the summit it turns to gravel for the downhill. Fishback ends at Smith Road which and I went left to Elkins. Back on pavement I continued west to Airlee and took that back south east to Berry Creek. Up over a couple more hills to Tampico. Then, wanting more gravel and miles, I turned left on Wiles road to Robison road and then back to 99W. At the junction of Wiles and Robison it says Airlee 7. I'll have to try that one day. Then back through Adair and stoped at the store for another snack. Sat in the glorious sunshine for a few minutes before heading out Ryals to Independence Hwy to Pettibone and on home. Great route. I wish I knew what the vertical was because it wasn't trivial.


Fishback Road
Heading down on FIshback Road


Mt. Hood
A fuzzy Mt. Hood from Airlee Road.


Mary's Peak
Clouds starting to gather over Mary's Peak.