Jewel to Fort Stevens State Park

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Soma Saga

Woke up to gray skies. A few miles of moderate climbing into the fog, and then 20 miles downhill in the mist. Got damp but not too cold. Stoped at Onley for hot tea, which helped warm me up. Lady there said the reason the road was so quiet was because the woods were closed to logging due to high fire danger. So no log trucks! From here there was a nice back road that wound around a bay and on into Astoria.

Astoria itself is no fun for cycling. Lot's of traffic and tourists. I managed to find the co-op where I stopped for lentil soup and got some food for the road. Took some pictures but is was dark and gray. Looking at the bridge on 101 I was sure glad I didn't ride over from Washington.

It took forever to get to Fort Stevens park, and when I got here I was pretty cold. The hiker/biker camp did not look very inviting so I got a yurt. After a shower I rode the mile bike path to the beach. Feels like I crossed a continent to get here. On the beach was an old ship wreck which evidently is quite famous.


The Columbia river from Astoria
The Columbia river from Astoria. It was great to have ridden here from my house.


Made it to the beach.
Made it to the beach.