Lafayette to Stub Stewart State Park

Monday, September 17, 2012
Soma Saga

Long hot day on a lot of roads I have never been on. The route I was following took me on a gravel road. The gravel was a bit loose and I decided to head over to highway 47 instead. Big mistake. There was no shoulder and a bunch of big grain hauler trucks that came way to close. I bailed on that road at the very first opportunity. After that it was much better. I spent a little time in Banks, getting food, before heading out on the rail-to-trail. The trail is about 20 miles but I would only be doing half of it today. It was a wonderful ride, mostly in the woods, but popping out into the sun every now and then. It was easy railroad grade except for a few swoops down and up where there used to be a bridge. Some of the bridges were preserved or rebuilt for the trail.

It was a bit of a climb from the trail up to Stub Stewart park. Not marked anywhere either. The park did not have hiker/biker but had some great hike in sites about a quarter mile down a rough old logging road, which was mostly ridable. The site were in a beautiful stand of fir trees. Wonderful camping in the woods.


Yamhill county
Going places that I've never been, at least on bike.


Kansas City, Oregon
Who knew there was a Kansas City in Oregon?


The Banks-Vernonia rail-to-trail
The Banks-Vernonia rail-to-trail was the highlight of this part of the route.