Lake Wales to Lake Louisa SP

Monday, February 29, 2016
Soma Saga

Day 11 - No shoulders and lots of traffic. 

Really the most interesting thing today were the street names in a community called Timberlane. Names like Stumpknocker, Panfish, Snapping Turtle, and Shellcracker. 

After that and the nice places along the lake there was not much scenery. There is a lot of mining here. It looks to me like they are mostly digging up sand and hauling it places. A few of these sand haulers buzzed me as well. 

Once through Davenport it became evident that we were not far from Orlando. Traffic picked up and touristy places sprung up everywhere  

As usual it was farther to my destination than I anticipated. Got to the park worn out and hot not even sure if there would be a spot. Low and behold there was another loaded touring bike and Robert was happy to share his site with me. Robert is from Maryland and is cycling South. 


Robert loaded up and ready to ride.
Robert and I shared a campsite at Lake Louisa State Park.