LT2015 Day 5 - Layover in PA

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Soma Saga

Bike trail to Elwah River and Ediz Hook, and some cruising around PA.

Some of the more hardy riders were going for Hurricane ridge, but I was ready for an easy day. About a mile from the fairgrounds the ODT started up again for a short stretch out to the Elwah river where they had built a double decker bridge, the lower deck being the bike path. The Elwah is well know in environmental circles as it was a test case to see how a river would recover after the dams were removed. Evidently pretty well.

It was only a few miles out to the Elwah and I was up for some more exploring so I headed back down to the waterfront and took the bike path out to Ediz Hook. Ediz Hook is a skinny spit of land that sticks out into the Straight of Juan de Fuca and forms the bay and harbor for Port Angles. At the base of the hook is a big mill that the bike path winds right through. Then it's not much wider than the road with a few rocky beaches on the bay side. It widens out at the end which is a Coast Guard station. Just before that is a nice little park where I stopped for a bit. It was sunny and warm but quite windy.

It was a pretty good ride into the wind heading back out of Ediz Hook, but then a tail wind back into PA. I explored a bit before heading back to the campground.