LT2015 Day 7 - Forks to Quinault

Friday, July 17, 2015
Soma Saga

Another high mileage day. Not much climbing though. 101 the whole way today as there are no other roads out here. Very remote. Nice and warm at the beach and little wind. Rode through the Hoh rainforest on a sunny day!

Lots of "head" time today as it was a long ride with not many places to stop or things to do. I recalled the last time I had been in this area was January 1973. It was raining then and it really felt like the rain forest. Not so much today. I don't know how many sunny days they get here and today was certainly one of the finest.

It was great to see the ocean again, especially on a warm day with little wind. Maybe the Washington coast is a secret banana belt. In Oregon if it's hot in the valley, it's usually foggy on the beach. This part of the coast did not have a huge amount of tourist traffic either. We'd see that the next day further south. There weren't many places to stop or get down to the beach along this stretch.

Once again we had a wide open field to camp in at the Quinault high school. While we couldn't see it, we were right above Lake Quinault. What we could see was the amazing view of the Olympics. We also had a spectacular sunset that evening.

The colors of the sunset may have been aided by smoke from the fires. We didn't see any fires, or smoke, but there were some burning nearby. Once again our timing was perfect on this tour.