Philomath - Albany

Monday, December 25, 2017

Partly sunny and cold. I was not very motivated and didn't get going until 11:00. Through Philomath and south on Fern. I was considering Decker but dark clouds that way so I took Llewelyn to 99w and back to town. Everything was closed for Christmas day. Took the 34 bike path and Riverside to Albany. Cold wind was picking up out of the north. Found an open gas station store in Albany and got a hot drink. Then it started to drizzle, but it didn't last and soon the sun was back out. Headed home over Gibson hill. As I was coming to the last hill on Pettibone I looked to the right up a really big hill on Avalon and some strange force turned my bike and headed me up that hill. Really big hill. But after it the road turns to gravel and it comes out on 99w at Thousand Oak. Then home over Highland. 


Clouds and sun
Looking across the valley