Roosevelt Park to Goldendale

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Disc Trucker

Started later than I would have liked and then when I got up to the Mini Mart I had to wait another hour for them to open. I didn't dare to go on without extra water, ice tea, and gatoraide. Turned off the highway at Sundale and things were looking good. It was steep but there was shade from poplar trees along a big apple orchard. I got above the orchard and the shade was gone but it soon leveled out and turned to gravel. I was thrilled. A real gravel adventure on unknown roads. A man in a pickup stopped to see if I was lost. I told him my route and he said it was correct and that there would be some steep climbs. Sundale road continued climbing at a moderate grade on good gravel until it hit Old Highwsy 8 which is paved. I stopped in the shade of a small tree for a snack. A man came by on a quad and stopped. He looked at me like " what the hell?"  He said there was a climb ahead that would be brutal with no shade and that he would be heading to Goldendale soon and could take me. I thanked him and said I think I could make it. 

I continued on and soon the road dropped down a huge canyon. Several miles of fast downhill I knew I'd have to pay dearly for. I stopped at the bottom in the last shade before what I learned was a 3 mile climb. I got started and realized this was going to be seriously brutal. I would have to stop often. I had enough water but it was already very hot and there was no shade. Right on queue along comes the farmer I met. Stops his truck and cattle trailer in the middle of the steep road, jumps out, helps me load the bike in the trailer and off we go. I could see that the grade was very steep, perhaps 10%. I don't think I would have made it without Jason and his wife Kim coming to my rescue. They dropped me off at the top and said it was all downhill to Goldendale. 

I was know in the middle of a huge wind farm with Hood and Adams staring me in the face, and Jefferson and St. Helens visible in the distance. I could also see how huge those wind turbines are up close. It was all downhill from here to Goldendale on some nice roads so I stopped often to take pictures. Once again Google took me down some gravel roads which was great. Eventually I crossed the main road into Goldendale and got on Pipeline road for the 6 mile ride to Tobiah and Adar's place. Good to see old friends I haven't seen for many years. I stayed 3 nights with them.


View from the top
Up in a wind farm


Mount Hood
Mount Hood in the distance on the way in to Goldendale.


Mount Adams
Mount Adams was dominant on the ride in to Goldendale.