Sargents - Marshall Pass - Ohaver Lake

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Rock Hopper
Andy, Paul, Sharon

Sunday. Dirt road at 4% railroad grade. Loose and rocky at times. Pass is 10,842'

We turned right at Sargents and headed up a dirt road at a 4% railroad grade. Started out great but we then got into some loose and rocky stuff. It had just been graded.

It was threatening rain at the top. There were a bunch of mountain bikers doing a fund raiser ride. We ducked under the outhouse shelter for a few minutes but then headed on down.

The campground was at Ohaver lake at 9,200'. It rained several times that evening and I had to take shelter in my tent. Fortunately it didn't leak and everything stayed dry.

Marshall Pass
Each new pass marks a new elevation high for me.

Ohaver Lake
Probably our most scenic campsite.

Sharon and I were both into campfires, Andy not so much. I gathered a bunch of dry pine from up above the lake.


Gravel road up Marshall Pass
Once again the road had been recently graded making for some tough going up Marshall Pass.


Marshall Pass
We made it anyhow. Sharon and Paul making sure we know how high this pass was.


Colorado at it's finest
This was the view behind my tent at Ohaver Lake. I consider this one of the best pictures I've ever taken. I love the transition from the lush green by the lake, to the scruby pine woods, to the high mountains in the background.


Camping by the lake
Sharon pitched her tent right by the lake. We did have some mosquitos at this spot.


Ohaver Lake
Andy getting in for a closer shot.


After the rain stopped we were treated to a great mountain sunset.