Stub Stewart to Jewel

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Soma Saga

Actually west of Jewel free camping before the big climb. I had a much better day today. The first 10 miles was on the Banks Vernonia bike path. Awesome, especially because it's not all up hill like the first 10 miles was. In Vernonia Anderson park is right at the end of the path and there were RV hookups where I charged my phone and bathrooms. After that it was with much trepidation that I headed out on 47 for the 15 miles to Mist. Traffic was light, consisting almost entirely of log trucks. It seemed like each time one came a little bit of shoulder appeared. A couple of times I just bailed into the gravel. A bit stressful but not terrible.
There was nothing in Mist but then I was on 202. Another world. It was at least 30 minutes before a car passed me. Only 1 empty log truck the whole way.
I stopped at a house in Jewel, that's all there is, where a kind lady filled my water bottles, and then on past the Elk Refuge and into the woods. The last few miles was starting the climb over the Coast Range but the real grunt will be in the morning. I'm only 30 miles from Astoria so after the climb tomorrow should be an easier day.


The Birk
The only town with anything on this route is Birkenfield which has the Birk a bar, restaurant, store, and blues joint. Seemed like mostly biker (the other kind) clientele but a very cool place struggling to survive in the middle of nowhere.