Saturday, March 1, 2014
Disc Trucker

Epic ride through the coast range. Rainy day, but not cold. During the week a friend told me about a route to the coast that was all paved, and bypassed most of Hwy 20. Between Philomath and Blodgett the highway has a pretty good shoulder. I turned North at Blodgett on the Blodgeet/Eddyville road. From there is was only 5 miles to Summit. I didn't go any farther toward the coast but the road will take you to Siletz, and from there you can go either to Newport or Lincoln City.

At Summit I saw a sign "Kings Valley 12 miles". I knew it wouldn't be paved the whole way but I was riding my Mountain Trucker so no problem. This was the highlight of the ride. An unknown gravel road over a ridge through the coast range. This is what it's all about. There was a good climb but nothing the mountain trucker couldn't handle. The road came out at Hoskins. I left the Upper Lukiamute road to explore another day.