Titusville to Melbourne

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Soma Saga

Day 20 - Meetups and more wind. 

Had a great stay with Rich and got out at a reasonable time. Got off the highway on Indian River Road to Cocoa, and then Riverside after. Very nice ride right along the water, but the wind was picking up. 

I first met Donna who has been riding from North Carolina, and then a few minutes later met Jerry who is returning to Jacksonville. Shortly after I took the picture Donna pedaled off and I never saw her again.

An hour or two later I met Trish and Darren from Darwin Austrailia who will be staying with Rich tonight and had stayed with my next WS host Lisa the night before last. They are headig north as far as Washington D.C. where they will finish this leg of their world tour.

I had wanted to do more miles today but the wind was beating me up pretty bad. Jerry had mentioned the county park in Melbourne which is on the ACA map, so I stopped there. Expensive at $25 but they just don't differentiate between a cyclist with a tent, and an RV neededing a full hookup. I got a large shady spot and it was fine. Most of the people at this park were there for a while, maybe all winter.

I went to bed as early as possible determined to get up at first light and beat the wind, but I could hear the wind all night and it was not letting up.


Paul and Rich
With my Warm Showers host Rich.


Paul, Donna, and Jerry
Donna is headed south, and Jerry is headed north.


Trash and Darren
Trash and Darren are originally from the U.K. but now live in Darwin, Australia. They stayed with Rich this night.