Walker Creek to Rockport

Monday, July 15, 2013
Soma Saga

Got an early start, out by 7:15. Low clouds and cool. Second breakfast in Sedro Woolley. The route takes the South Skagit highway to Concrete. Nice low traffic road but there was some road work going on and a bunch of gravel trucks. The Skagit River is quite a bit bigger than the Willamette and a lovely aqua green color. Also very fast moving.

Not much in Concrete, even less in Rockport except for Steelhead County park which is very nice. Got a shower and setup my tent on the bank of the river. I could easily have gone much further today but this is a really nice spot and I saw no need to push it. Tomorrow the real climbing begins although I probably won't do the big passes until the day after.

Hippie sign

A friendly welcome sign at the tavern in Rockport. The bikers (the other kind) at the bar looked alot more like hippies than me.


Sedro Wolley
Friendly sign entering Sedro Wolley


The Skagit River
Fabulous view up the Skagit River


My first camp along the Skagit River.