Woods Creek Road

Saturday, October 17, 2015
John, Robert, Tracy

Practice ride for a ride to the coast next weekend. Tracy needed to test out her new 1.5 inch tires on her touring bike. I needed to see if Grando is up for the trip. Rain in the morning but it stopped before we got out and we did not get rained on at all. Cloudy and cool, perfect for a hard climb.

I got a flat just as we turned off on to West Hills. Then trouble with a new tube. I had to patch some tubes. Held up fine after that.

There was some slick mud on Woods Creek and my bake tire spun a few times going up. I was a little aprehensive that I might slide going down, but it was fine.

This is a hard ride. John just got back from Hawaii and has not been on the bike for a while. He did great. Robert had some problems with his deraileur but managed to continue.

Great ride. We are ready to ride to the coast next Friday!