Northwest Passage 2010

Ashland to Missoula. Over the Cascades and north to the Adventure Cycling Trans America bike route. Through Eastern Oregon and up lots of Rivers in Idaho,

Start Date: 
Sunday, June 6, 2010
Number of Days: 
Total Miles: 

Planning the route

Final Preparations

Having been laid off after 17 years at Southern Oregon University I was free to do a longer tour. I had been training hard, putting in more miles than ever before over the winter and spring, and I was ready. June brought some nasty weather and I had to wait an extra week for the cold rain to stop.

This would be a ride of discovery for me. I had a grand plan of meeting Paul up in Glacier park, but no definite route. The rough plan was to head over the Cascades, head north, and join the ACA Trans Am trail east. The route would in parts follow the Lewis and Clark route, as well as the route Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce took from Oregon to Montana. Adventure awaits me.


 I got as far as Missoula and then had to take a bus home. I rode for 21 days to get there, and 21 hours on the bus to get home. It was an amazing tour.

More pictures here


NWP Route
Google says 804 mile but my route was closer to 1,000.


Below is my log for each day of the tour. Use the navigation controls to scroll through the days .