My favorite rides of 2013

I put on a lot of miles this year. Here are some of the highlights.

Daily Commute

On the bike each day by 7:30, all kinds of weather, and loving it.


McKenzie Pass

For 2 weekends in June the old road up McKenzie pass was open to bicycles but closed to cars. It was a clear warm day when I did it. There were least a hundred riders doing the climb that day.

Strawberry Century

My first organized century in the Willamette Valley. Very well organized and a very fast pace.

A double metric century

As the days were at there longest I kept thinking about how far I could go if I got out early and rode all day. This didn't take all of the daylight hours but was still my longest ride ever. This is the Santiam River.

Mary's Peak

Its mandatory to do Mary's Peak at least once a year. Got some nice pictures on this ride.

Tour of Northern Washington

This was the big one. Only 7 days of riding but through some great country and over five mountain passes.

Exploring the forest up Woods Creek road

I did several rides on the Mountain Trucker in September up Woods Creek Road, looking for a back roads route to the coast. I didn't get all the way but had some great rides.

Woods Creek Road

Cardwell Hill to Kings Valley

It was fun to discover a back woods route to Kings Valley. Much more enjoyable than having to ride on Highway 20.

Marys River

Dimple Hill above the fog

Above the fog