Ride Goals 2015 - Revisited

Last winter I set some ambitious goals for the year. Here is how it worked out.

Heart of the valley - Yes did this ride again this year. - Heart of the Valley 2015

Valsetz loop - Nope not yet. Did do the Cardwell Hill to Hoskins part, as well as a nice loop including Harris road.

Ferries loop - Yes, Dan A. and I did this ride to Willamette Mission Park in May.

Strawberry century - Yes, Strawberry Century 2015

200k ride - Nope, I had 4 rides over 100 miles but nothing near 200k.

Coast loop 1 - Yes, I really enjoyed this 3 day coast loop.

MVBC Loop tour - Yes, and I extended it. Olympic Peninsula 2015.

300k ride - Nope, I was dreaming on this one.

Coast loop 2 - Nope, was all set to, but bailed due to hernia.

All in all a good year but I did have two setbacks, both developing on the Loop Tour. The first was a saddle sore. As it turns out the Brooks Cambium saddle, while very comfortable for day rides, is too hard for a longer tour, at least for me. It took a couple of months and several saddle swaps to get this under control. Then came the hernia which also frst acted up on the Loop Tour. Finally had to have surgery which kept me off the bike for most of November on into December. Still a good year for riding. Next year will be even better.