Ride Goals 2016

Now that I am retired I plan on doing a whole lot more touring.

Winter - I was planning to go to New Zealand in late January, but I am starting to waffle on this plan as I don't see how I will be back in touring condition by that time. An alternate plan would be to go to Florida in February with my bike. I could vist family and ride down to Key West. This would allow me to test out packing my bike for flying, and get in some easy touring, without having tro commit to something as ambitious as NZ. From Floridia, if I wanted to get real ambitious, I could even ride back via the southern tier or the trans am, however that would probably get me back too late for the Loop Tour in June.

Summer - This years MVBC Loop Tour starts in La Grande and goes through the Willowas. I'd like to start from home and meet them in La Grande. Then I'd like to keep going east and head for Glacier NP, then north into Canada up to Jasper, and back down through B.C. to Washington, possibly tie in the Kettle rail-to-trail, then south and take the John Wayne trail over the Cascades to Seattle. Then follow the StP route to Portland, and then home.

Fall - The coast for sure. Maybe combine more bikepacking in the Coast Range with the south coast, and continue down into the redwoods.