New Year's Day Ride to Buena Vista

Started out around noon as the fog had lifted and the day was looking promising. My
goal was to ride to Buena Vista, home to an old ferry crossing I wanted to see. I headed north on Independence Highway to Springhill Road and then north on Buena Vista Road. There were several parks with access to the Lukiamute River, which was running big and muddy.

Lukiamute River
The Lukiamute River at flood levels.

Mountain Bike Ride in McDonad Forest

It wasn't my plan for the weekend. I started out yesterday to do a nice long road ride. I was going to do the Alsea Look clockwise and throw in Mary's Peak if I had enough left in me. But right away I had a new clickety noise I couldn't pin down. After several failed adjustments I turned around and headed home, hoping I'd have time to get to a mechanic and still get a ride in. Mechanic I talked to said it sounded like the bottom bracket and he'd be able to take a look at it next Friday. Ugh. Yesterday was also the hottest day of the year hear. My house was nice and cool so I took a nap.

Mary's Peak from Bald Hill
Mary's Peak from Bald Hill