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Rockport to Colonial Creek - 40 miles

Got out by 7:50. The sun was already shining and it was warming up quickly. The ride to Marblemount was on a very quiet back road. Very pleasant. Had to beg for wi-fi at the Buffalo Inn so I could text Linda. After Marblemount the road got narrower and more uphill and soon entered the NP. It would have been nice except for the power lines. Newhalem a.k.a. Seattle City of Light is home to a huge hydro electric plant and the people who work there. It's actually quite nice with lots of trees and a park. After this the road got steeper, and the sun got hotter.

Getting ready for the North Cascades

Leaving this weekend for a 10 day tour, starting out with a ride over North Cascades Highway.
<br /><br /><center><a href=' src=' border='0' width='281' height='210' style='margin:5px'></a></center><br />This picture is from Mary's Peak. I'm testing the BlogPress app, which I've used before. <br />

McKenzie Pass

June first promised to be a warm clear day, just right for riding McKenzie pass. The road is closed to cars for another week so this would be the ideal time to do it. Normally I avoid a long drive to a ride, but I had to make an exception for this one. It was 2 hours from Corvallis to the ranger station at McKenzie Bridge. Even this far up it is a mighty big river.

McKenzie River
The McKenzie River