Baker City to Halfway

Monday, June 20, 2016
Disc Trucker

I did this ride 6 years ago but did not remember all of it. Leaving Baker we climbed through some scrubby hills before a long decent down Eagle Creek, only it wasn't all down hill. It just kept carving a canyon through the barren hills. Eventually we got to Richland which is well watered and green. 

Hung around Richland for some time helping Robert and Jean with a tire problem. It got hot, at least 90 as we tackled the big climb out of Richland. The road carved long steep switchbacks through the naked hills. From the bottom you could see the cars miles above just creeping along. It was hit but the wind really helped. I stopped 3 times to catch my breath and cool off. This really made it manageable. The sign at the top said 3 miles at 7% but of course everyone swears it was longer and steeper. 

Had a wild time coming down the other side. There was a lot of wind and I was holding back my speed. All of a sudden I see Tad and Anne on their tandem right on my wheel ready to pass, but just then 3 big RVs came along one after the other. Tad and Anne managed to slow down and pull in behind me as the RVs passed, but it was a tense moment. Then a little further down the hill a wind gust really knocked me sideways. I was very happy to get to the bottom of that hill.

Halfway is just as beautiful as I remember it. Less snow left in the mountains than there was 6 years ago. We're camped at a school under some nice shade trees. We had a wonderful group dinner at Wild Bill's Saloon. Lot's of fun. 


Powder River
Looking back at the Powder River on it's way to Brownlee reservoir from the base of the big climb.


Panorama image
Much further up the climb you can see the green from the photo above way down below.


The Wallowa Mountains from Halfway. Just as awesome as when I first saw them 6 years ago,


I caught up with Brandy just as we were entering town.