Beachside SP to Blackberry CG

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Disc Trucker

The morning was gorgeous. Slight fog hanging in over the coast with warm sunshine already streaming through. The approach to Cape Perpetua was so beautiful I had to shout out for joy. 

At the base of the climb we ran into the three young women from Vancouver we met yesterday. The camped at the FS campground at Cape Perpetua. 

It was steep right away. For kicks we passed the road we wanted and did an extra mile of climbing before turning around. Wish I knew the vertical. It was a lot. (Ride with GPS later told us it was 4,062') Huge climb from Cape Perpetua up Cape and Klickitat ridges. Incredible views looking across Yachats Valley to Mary's Peak. Very hot, but still pockets of cool air in the shady places. Man on Buck Creek said it got over 100. It took at least 6 hours to go the 26 miles from Hwy 101 to Five Rivers road.

We were out of water by the time we hit Five Rivers. We found a spring an I got to try my new Sawyer Squeze filter. It worked great and we filled up on cool clear water

Too tired to make it to Alsea we opted to back track a few miles on Hwy. 34 to Blackberry Campground. Found a great spot right on the river and my Senior Pass got it for half price, $12.

Here is the Ride with GPS route for this ride.


Early morning coast
This picture cannot capture the glory that was the Oregon Coast on this morning.


The. road
The road was almost all paved with some gravel stretches


Incredible views
The view from Cape Ridge was incredible


Spectacular view
Looking across the Yachats River Valley towards Prairie Mountain and Mary's Peak.


Alsea River
Back down on the Alsea River in the fading light.