Big Pine to Key West

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Soma Saga

Day Five. Took it nice and slow. No hurry. It rained overnight but cleared by morning. Huge puddles though. 

About half highway and half path today. Some gorgeous paths through Sugarloaf Key, but in typical Florida fashion they would abruptly end. About 10 miles from Key West there was a nice path that used some of the old bridges  The ride into Key West on A1A was right along a sea wall and was delightful    

Rode though the crazy tourist part of town. Lots of people on beach cruisers and motor scooters, and lots of tour trolleys. Got to the Southern Most Point where dozens of people where waiting for a photo op. I managed to get a good selfie. Found the Hostel but I was 2 hours early.  Found a bar on the beach and had a beer. 


Southern most point of U. S.
End of the line.