Carwell Hill - Hoskins

Saturday, May 23, 2015
Disc Trucker

Got a late start. Wanted to scout the first part of the route to Valsetz. Carwell hill was hard. Large loose gravel and steep. Fortunately the uphill is not very long. I turned on RideWith GPS for the ride over Cardwell - . Dark, cool day. After Cardwll I headed noth and then took Alexander road. This is a nice gravel road, mostly downhill heading north. It was 18 miles from my house to Hoskins junction. I wanted to go up the Upper Luckiamute to Wildwood road but it was already late afternoon. I started up the Upper Luckimute telling myself I would soon turn around, but It was so nice I just kept going. I finally turned around after 4 miles. Then back to Kings Valley and over Maxfield Creek - Airlee road - Berry Creek - Tampico - and back 99.