Catherine Creek SP to Baker City

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Disc Trucker

Day 2. The 5.5 mile climb up Catherine Creek was gorgeous. Nice forest of pine and fir. Then after a short downhill came a series of long rollers, as the treebs gave way to sage brush and grassland. We stopped at an old run down oasis in Medicinal Springs. Just as as was about to leave I noticed my rear tire was very low. I pumped it up and continued on. We did a bunch of climbing over naked hills before dropping down and crossing the Powder River. Not much of a river at this point. Then lots more climbing. On a short downhill I noticed my tire was low again. Pumped it up again and rode a short distance when I finally got to the top of the climb since the SAG wagon was there with my spare tires I changed it out. Felt much better on the downhill and the rest of the way to the high school where we were camping in Baker City. 

Once at camp I changed my other tire and did some more bike maintenance. I will write an article on my experience using Compass tires on a loaded touring bike. (I was very happy with my Schwalbe Big Ben tires for the rest of the tour and beyond.)

I really missed an opportunity to get some great panorama shots on this ride. From several points on the ride you had views of both the Elkhorn and Wallowa ranges.


Phyllis on the climb.
Phyllis on the climb out of Catherine Creek


First summit
First summit but not the highest we would get today.


Bike maintenance
Annie took this one of me working on my bike. This was after I changed the tire.