Fish Lake to Wood River

Monday, June 7, 2010
Long Haul Trucker

Day 2: 45 miles. Total: 92 miles

No service here at Jackson Kimball park so I'll post this when I pass through Chilliquin in the morning. Right now I'm trying to type and swatt mosquitos at the same time. This is a beautiful spot on the headwaters of the Wood River, but I'm pretty sure this is where all the mosquitos in the world are born.

I had a much easier ride today. After a gentle 5 miles to the summit on highway 140, it was all down hill to West Side road. Then 20 miles of easy rollers followed by 7 miles completely flat, on in to Fort Klamath. There is a little store now at Joe's Motel that has organic food! I got a bannana, an oatmeal strawberry muffin, a hard boiled egg, and some ice tea.

lunch at fort klamath

The days are really long now. I got to the campground at 2:30 leaving lot's of time to do stuff. I took a water bottle shower. I wanted to use the river but it's very marshy and you can't easily get to it.

Looks like it will be a long day tomorrow. The gravel road I wanted to take looks very ridable. There is just the matter of these huge gravel trucks that are hauling through there at 60 miles an hour. I was also told the logging trucks would run me off the road. So I'll have to go south 10 miles to Chilliquin and get on highway 97 there. I was hoping to avoid 97 but that's where I'll be tomorrow.


Looking north towards the rim of Crater Lake and Mount Scott
Looking north towards the rim of Crater Lake and Mount Scott


My camp at Wood River
My camp at Wood River. Big mistake, the mosquitos were terrible.


Wood river
The headwaters of the Wood River in Klamath county in south central Oregon.