Halfway to Woodhead Park Idaho

Friday, June 18, 2010
Long Haul Trucker

Day 13: 39 miles. Total 639

Well I made it to Idaho. I didn't really want to leave Lone Fir Friesians. I hung out all morning, even groomed some horses. They invited me to stay another day but I saw no purpose in it. I had that life long ago but didn't succeed. Time to move on. Here is another shot looking back over Pine Valley to the Wallowas.

I got very emotional as I rode out of Halfway. Don't know why. Guess it was bottled up. I stopped at the intersetion of the highway and talked to Linda for a long time. I wanted to turn right and head for home but I didn't. I turned left and road off to Idaho.

It was mostly downhill along Pine Creek to the Snake. Pine Creek would qualify as a river in most places. Not quite as big as the Rogue but well bigger than Bear Creek. And roaring. Lots of water.

I had originally thought about going off route and crossing the mountains to the Wallowa Valley. This road also goes by the Hell's Canyon Overlook. I kept debating if I should do this but when I got there the decision had already been made.

The Snake was somewhat disapointing. It's not really a river here but a series of reservoirs behind a bunch of dams. My first view was of a big hydro plant and power lines run by Idaho Power. Then I had about 12 miles along the lake/river heading south.

When I finally got to the crossing it was right below another huge dam. There was a nice campground just down from here but it was full. Big weekend. I had to climb another steep hill I hadn't planned on and fight to wind for 3 miles to get to this campground. I don't know why I bothered. There were people camped out at numerous places along the lake. Pretty much anywhere you could get a pickup. Not much shelter though. The campground is huge, and as expected, totally full of every type of RV you could imagine. The tent only camping was way in the back. I got one of two remaining tent sites. No privacy but a nice enough spot. This is by far the biggest campground I've ever seen. I'm sure there are well over a thousand people here.

Soon after setting up my tent I went to find a shower. Had to walk about a half mile. The shower was great but when I got out the wind was really blowing. I got back to find some stuff blown off the table and my rainfly flapping wildly. Some stakes had pulled out and nothing I could do would make then stay. After getting the rainfly under controll I threw the rest of my stuff in the tent and got in myself. It wasn't cold, just a fierce wind. It died down long enough for me to get out and make some dinner, but now it's blowing again.


The Wallowa Mountains
Leaving Halfway, one more look at the Wallowas.


Rroad closed
Spring floods had washed out the road over the Wallowa Mountains to Joseph.


The Snake River
The might Snake River, behind a lot of dams.