Juno Beach to Plantation

Saturday, March 12, 2016
Soma Saga

Day 23 - I can smell the barn

Didn't sleep much last night in anticipation of finishing the tour. I had another great stealth site on a birding trail. A covered platform with benches. So for the second time this trip I was under cover when it rained overnight. 

Got out shortly after first light. Almost caught the sunrise over the ocean but the view was blocked by high rise buildings. Stopped a lot for tea, food, more tea and more food.  

I decided to stay on US-1 instead of following the route back over to the beach. Mistake. After slogging through West Palm Beach with no bike lane and lots of traffic I went over to A1A and it was much more pleasant. Just being closer to the ocean made it a nicer ride. The communities along the route would alternate between highrise condos and public beaches which were all in well use.

It was going to be a long day, but I knew I woul get there and my ride would be done. Getting through Fort Lauderdale was an adventure of its own but I made it trough and that was that. I got to my sister's house tired but in good spirits and very happy to have completed the ride.



These Ibises where very interested in my breakfast.


3 foot passing sign
Each little community along A1A seems to make it's own decisions as far as bike safety. This town actually posted these signs.


Made it back
Pulling in to my sister Sue's house at the end of a long day.