Lochsa Lodge to Lolo, MT

Friday, June 25, 2010
Long Haul Trucker

Day 20: 45 miles. Total: 977

It was about 14 miles to Lolo Pass. For about half of this we were still following the Lochsa. We spent three days on this river.

After we left the river the climb got steeper but never more than 6%. There were a lot of clear cuts visible. The sign said there had been a massive fire, but it looked like clear cut to me. Before we new it we were on the top.

There is a big visitor center on the top. There was a trail run going on and two of the people we met were running in it, but it was over and they had left before we got there. The visitor center had wi-fi so we hung out there for a while.

We cruised down into Montana and to Lolo Hot springs. This is a private resort and I wasn't that interested but John was so we checked it out. We ran into a bunch of guys that were just finishing a 8 day supported tour. They did a different version of a tour through some part of the Rockies every year for many years. One guy had a lot to tell us about routes through the area. The hot pool was $6 so I went for it. Very nice. Glad I did.

After that it was time to say goodbye to John as he was going to camp at the hot springs, and then take a different route out of Lolo in the morning. It was good to have a riding partner for so much of this trip. I set out to be alone, and I like being alone, but I also like company, especially when riding through in familiar territory.

I continued on downhill to just before the town of Lolo. The route followed Lolo Creek, and there was this view of 9,096 foot Lolo Peak.

I'm staying at the Square and Round Dance Hall RV park. They have a tent section down by the creek far away from the RVs. Just me and a couple of motor bikers. I'm back in the land of cell phone service as well

Tomorrow will be an off day in Missoula as it is Sunday and things will be closed, including the Adventure Cycling Association which I want to vist to consult on my route.


The Lochsa River
The Lochsa River further upstream.


Last shot of the Lochsa River.
Last shot of the Lochsa River. We had followed this river for 3 days heading up Lolo Pass.


I made it to Montana! Third state of the tour. Still quite cool on top of the pass.


Lolo Peak
Lolo Peak at 9,096 feet still had plenty of snow.