LT2015 Day 3 - Kitsap to Port Townsend

Monday, July 13, 2015
Soma Saga

Woke up to a gentle rain whip persisted through the morning. Mostly sunny when we got to PT. The first interesting thing on our route was the Hood Canal bridge. This is the famous bridge that was blown away by a hurricane in 1979. I had fun riding across the bridge with John. Right after the bridge was a steep hill which led to more hills throughout the day.

Right before we got to Port Townsend we got on a nice little bike path along the bay, and came into town through some ship yards. This was very scenic and i liked Port Townsend right away. Our campgrounds for the night was the fairgrounds which was a mile or so up out of town, a pattern that would be repeated several more times on this tour. Before heading up to the fairgrounds I went with John into town to look for a bike shop. The main part of town was about a half mile further from the harbor area where we came in. We found a nice bike shop but it didn't have the part he needed. On the way up to the fairgrounds we passed the food co-op and a vaguely remembered something about Port Townsend having one of the original co-ops. I would come back and check it out further in the morning.

The campsite was great. Plenty of room and by now the sun was out so we could dry out our tents, which we had packed up in the rain in the morning. There was a stiff breeze which helped the drying process. I'm pretty sure there is always a stiff breeze at this spot. After getting setup and squared away I headed back downtown to explore and find some dinner. I ran into John and Paul at a nice seafood place and had a great meal and some good beer. A very fulfilling day!