Nehalem Bay to Cape Lookout State Park

Friday, September 21, 2012
Soma Saga

Today was the day when it all came together to make the whole trip worthwhile. I took an alternate route on Foley Creek and Miami River which got me off of 101 for 15 miles. I was hoping it would be sunny a bit further inland but no such luck. More misty clouds but a nice ride through a pretty coastal valley. Back on 101 along Tillamook Bay was also very nice. Lunch and shopping in Tillamook and then west through dairy country and back along the south end of the bay on a narrow road with little traffic. The mist was gone and I could see blue sky over the ocean. I did not take the extra loop around Cape Mears but instead followed the main route which began to climb steeply through a lush coastal forest. Eventually I popped out at Oceanside to a beautiful beach with a surfer out on the waves and the sun starting to poke through. Then a gorgeous ride along the beach and then Netarts Bay and finally to Cape Lookout State Park. The hiker/biker camp was right near the beach and the sun was now seriously shinning through. Beau, whom I had met two days before already had his camp setup and was on the beach. There were a bunch of other cyclists including Craig from New Mexico and Charley from Portland. According to the ranger this is the most popular cyclist camp spot on the coast. There was a glorious sunset topping an incredable day of riding on the Oregon Coast.


Tillamook Bay
The road wrapped around Tillamook Bay for quite a few miles.


Cape Lookout State Park
Cape Lookout State Park is the most popular spot for bike tourists on the Oregon Coast. This part of the route is far from the busy highway 101 along a beautiful section of the coast. This is a picnic area but the hker/biker camping was very much the same


A gorgeous susnset at Cape Lookout.