Saturday, March 22, 2014
Disc Trucker

Newport via Logsden road. Camped at South Beach SP. Sunny but cold wind.

This was my first test of the Revelate Designs Harness. Here is what it looks like. The dry bag fits nicely between the handlebars.

Loaded mountain trucker

From Corvallis I headed out past Philomath on highway 20 as far as Blodgett and then turned off the highway on a nice back road to Summit and Nashville. The road followed the railroad tracks. There was not much to either of these towns. Nashville is a junction where Logsden road splits off from the Eddyville road.

Road sign in Nashville 

I never saw Moonshine Park, but I think it near the non-town of Logsden.

Road sign in Nashville

From Nashville the road still followed the railroad tracks for a while, but then started climbing. There was a nice pond on the way up.

Hamar Lake

Then the road turned to gravel and there was some serious climbing for a mile or two. The gravel was a bit loose and the road banked which made it even more interesting.

Eventually it was all downhill again though some lovely coast range valleys, farms, and woods.

Pastoral View

I wanted to head through Toledo and take the Yaquina Bay drive into Newport, but it was getting late so I opted for the highway. Lots of traffic and a big hill! From the top I got my first view of the ocean. I stopped at the South Beach fish market for some dinner.

The ocean comes in view

At South Beach. The State Park had $5 hiker/biker camping which was fine. It was a cold night however, down in the 30's. This was the next day. I road the trail from here to the jetty and back. At the jetty I got to talk to a few surfers. 

At the beach