Portland to Corvallis

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A few wrong turns, a few detours, a few rain showers, one flat, but all in all a great ride. Started out heading back west thinking I'd find a bike path along the river, but got directed by some cyclists to go back on the Springwater corridor trail and take the 205 bike path.  The 205 path was excellent other than the noise from 205 and the big streets it had to cross. It did not however go all the way to Oregon City as I was told. It ended at 82nd which was my first point of confusion.

Eventually I got going south on 82nd which had a nice bike lane. At Gladstone I crossed the Clakamas River on a bike trail which followed the river to Oregon City. Here I got confused again. I would have been fine if I followed Google Maps directions but I went off course to avoid a big hill. Finally found an elevator to get up the bluff. Oregon City seemed like a bike friendly town. From there the route went a little further east than I wanted, but took me on some nice country roads. There was a short stretch on 99E which wasn't so bad, and then back off on side roads through Canby and Aurora.

Eventually I was on Boones Ferry Road when I saw a sign for Donald and Champoeg park, so I left Google's route and made my way to the Willamette Scenic Bikeway. Once on familiar roads I didn't have to check Google Maps every few minutes I started making better time. Scenery was better too, especially when I got to Wheatland. There were a few places where I toyed with the idea of taking a more direct route to Salem but I resisted the temptation and stayed on the nice quiet back roads even though it was longer.

It was getting dark when I got to Salem and got off course due to a road closure on Cherry st.  I found my way to the bike path on River Road South only to find it was closed as well. The whole road was closed. Feeling a bit devastated I followed the detour signs which took me across some railroad tracks and down to a wonderful gravel bike path along the river!  I was thrilled. This was the path I was always hoping for as it avoids the nasty sidewalk path along River Road. Now back on course I was making good time. It was dark but traffic was lite. The final stretch was the familiar route on Corvallis road/Independence highway. Got home at 10:15 so it was a 10 hour plus ride.