Rockport to Colonial Creek

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Soma Saga

Got out by 7:50. The sun was already shining and it was warming up quickly. The ride to Marblemount was on a very quiet back road. Very pleasant. Had to beg for wi-fi at the Buffalo Inn so I could text Linda.

After Marblemount the road got narrower and more uphill and soon entered the NP. It would have been nice except for the power lines. Newhalem a.k.a. Seattle City of Light is home to a huge hydro electric plant and the people who work there. It's actually quite nice with lots of trees and a park. After this the road got steeper, and the sun got hotter. There was a tunnel on the uphill but thankfully no cars passed me. After the tunnel the shoulder got pretty narrow and there were a few trucks but no problems. Definitely having trouble holding a line at low speed. I will try and shift more weight to the back for tomorrow's big climbs.

Resting in my hammock

When I'm not riding I'm enjoying the view from my hammock.

Met Tom and Chris from Colorado and David and Bernie from England, both of whom are doing the Sierra-Cascades route.


North Cascades Park
Arrived at North Cascades National Park


Colonial Creek campground
Colonial Creek campground


The lake behind my campsite at Colonial Creek.
The lake behind my campsite at Colonial Creek.


Another view of the lake.
Another view of the lake.