Scott's House to Lincoln City

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Soma Saga

Not much riding today which allowed me to relax and spend the moring visiting with Scott and Terri. They've been living there in the woods near the Salmon river since 1980. Probably the most stable people I know.

I headed back via North Bank road to Three Rocks Road to 101. On the approach to Lincoln City the nice 4 foot shoulder I had enjoyed on the last few legs of 101 disappeared, which was not pleasant. Soon up ahead I saw a familiar site and caught up with Beau as he stopped to pickup a penny. We chatted a few minutes and I headed on to meet Linda and JJ at Captain Cook motel. We went to the beach where JJ had a great time, and then went out for dinner.


The beach at Lincoln City.
The beach at Lincoln City.


January on the beach.
January on the beach.