Thompson Mill

Friday, January 22, 2016

Beautiful day. Upper 50's. A lot of meandering on the maze of farm roads between Peoria and Shedd. Longest ride of the year so far.

Headed out Peoria Road to Tangent and Oakville following the usual route but then took Kendall Loop. It's gravel for about a mile. It was fresh large diameter gravel but the road had a solid bed and I had no problems sliding or loosing traction. It was rough going though and took a lot of effort. Nice road though through the grass fields. It turns to paved again for another mile or so before hitting Greenback. Took Bratain which is where I stopped on the bridge over Muddy Creek. It was nice and sunny and warm so I stopped and had a snack. Then Peoria park and out Fayatteville across 99E to Boston Mill road to Thompson's Mill. Then Roberts Road to Linn West and back to 99E. Then Oak Plain road to Potter road to Abraham. Then back out to Fayatteville and back Greenback to Green Valley, etc.

I started out into the wind which eventually died down but then shifted. I had as much headwind on the way home as on the way out.


Nice day
Looking back towards the Coast Range on a nice day in January.


Nice barn
Scenic Willamette Valley


Thompson's Mills
It was really sunny at Thompson's Mills


Muddy Creek
I guess we know where Muddy Creek gets its name.