MVBC Loop Tour 2016 - Wallowas

Loop around the Wallow Mountains

Start Date: 
Saturday, June 18, 2016
Number of Days: 
Total Miles: 

 Mountains, rivers, valleys, hills, canyons, and more mountains.

Rain, sun, heat, cold, and wind, but mostly perfect conditions.

Incredible views, great towns, campgrounds, and people.

This was my third tour with the MVBC and it was very enjoyable. On the first tour I hardly knew anyone. Now I know most of the people. This was an especially great location. It also gave me a chance to fill in the missing piece from my 2010 tour when I wanted to ride the Wallowa Mountain Road but it was closed due to a washout. That two days of riding was probably the best on this trip.

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Loop tour 2016 map


Below is my log for each day of the tour. Use the navigation controls to scroll through the days .