Ride Goals - 2015

It's mid-winter and my thoughts are on the season to come and long rides in warm weather. I thought I'd write down some audacious goals for this year. Why not?


Heart of the valley

No surprise here. I've done this ride two years running and won't want to miss it this year. It is a nice early organized 100km ride to get things going.


Valsetz loop

A two day loop on mostly gravel. First over Cardwell hill to Hoskins, then up the Lukiamute River to the abandoned mill town of Valsetz. Camp somewhere in the woods. Return via Falls City and Airlee road.


Ferries loop

A two day ride on pavement. Across the Buena Vista ferry and up the Willamette Scenic Bikeway to camp at Willamette Mission park. Then take the Wheatland ferry back across the river and return via Independence.


Strawberry century

I missed this one last year but won't want to miss it again. A fast paced century is great prep for longer touring. Plus the strawberry shortcake at the end is a great reward.


200k ride

My longest rides to date which I pulled off once each of the last two years. I should try and get one in early this year to prepare for longer distances.


Coast loop 1

I did two one way rides to the coast last year. This year I want to make it a two day loop. Over via Harlan and return via Five Rivers.


MVBC Loop tour

The Olympic Peninsular. Not too be missed. Take the train up and back.


300k ride

Stretch my limits. If I'm riding a Grand Randonneur bike I should start living up to it and start tackling the longer distances.


Coast loop 2

Maybe do it the other direction? Take advantage of the great late season weather on the coast.